A Pic of Me!Do you basically *live* astrology? Or have you always been curious but don’t know where to start?

Hi I’m Kal! I’m a Pisces, but don’t hold that against me. ;-) I’ve been studying astrology since childhood and would love to guide your journey to self-discovery through the stars.

Astrology… More Than Just Sun Signs and Newspaper Horoscopes

Have you ever wondered exactly how some of your friends seem to know not just their Sun and Moon signs, but also their rising sign (AKA the ascendant), their Mercury sign, their Venus sign, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto signs??

Your birth chart is the answer to all of this. Also known as your natal chart, this is the BIG ONE, the one that tells you what signs your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and all the rest are in.

It also gives you the house placements—there are twelve of these as well—of the planets and luminaries (the Sun and Moon), and the different aspects they make to each other, adding even more layers to the unique astro-artwork that you are!

Begin your personal astro-journey with 12 FREE Astrology Chart Printables that you can customize to include your very own astrological birth chart information. A total of 12 charts are included (for all 12 possible rising signs). Great as a learning tool and also for bullet journals, scrapbooking, and even as gifts. Designed with love by moi 