A New Prince of Cambridge

A new royal baby boy just joined the British Royal family, huzzah!

As I am a traitorous American obsessed with royalty—and particularly the royal history of our former overlords, the Brits—I have been stalking the Kensington Palace Twitter and Instagram accounts for about two weeks now in anticipation.

As soon I saw that traditional paper-perched-on-an-easel birth announcement, I entered the new royal baby’s info into Astrodienst to find out his placements.

And what did I find? ANOTHER TC! Princess Charlotte is also a Taurus-Cancer. (TC is my abbreviation for a Taurus sun, Cancer rising person. I seem to know quite a few in real life, as well as Cancer rising peeps in general.)

Prince George is a Cancer sun, as is his dad, the Duke of Cambridge (aka Prince Williams aka Wills), as is his gran, Princess Diana.

A New Royal Prince Is Born

Without further ado, here’s Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge’s birth chart, using whole sign houses.

A new royal baby Prince of Cambridge is born

The Prince of Cambridge’s Planets

Sun in Taurus, 11th house

Cancer ASC (ascendant/rising), 1st house

Moon in Leo, 2nd house, chart ruler

Mercury in Aries, 10th house

Venus in Taurus, 11th house, in domicile

Mars in Capricorn, 7th house, exalted

Jupiter in Scorpio, 5th house

Saturn in Capricorn, 7th house, in domicile

Uranus in Aries, 10th house

Neptune in Pisces, 9th house

Pluto in Capricorn, 7th house

Chiron in Aries, 10th house

North Node in Leo, 2nd house

South Node in Aquarius, 8th house

Midheaven in Aries, 10th house

Aspects of Note in the Prince of Cambridge’s Chart

His Leo Moon is conjunct his North Node, which makes me think of a high emotional need to fulfill his desires and follow his own specific path. With the workhorse position of Saturn in Capricorn along with Mars there (signifying his energy and drive), I don’t think there will be much lazing about in his personality.

The Prince and the Duchess

Louis’ moon is also very close to being conjunct with his mum’s Leo ascendant, and vice verse—her Cancer moon (and North Node) is very close to conjoining his ASC.

This, along with his Mars and Pluto being conjunct her Capricorn Sun, brings to mind a very emotional, intense attachment between the Duchess (Kate) and her third child. There may even be some explosive temper tantrums or arguments between them; Mars conjunct Pluto can be quite a lot.

His Taurus Sun is conjunct Kate’s Midheaven, however, so I think in the end he’ll do her quite proud. She may even (secretly?) think of him as her highest achievement.

The Prince and the Duke

The new Prince may have a less turbulent relationship with his father, the Duke (Wills).

Their Venuses are conjunct in Taurus and are therefore known as being in domicile (Venus being the ruling planet of Taurus). This is a lovely smoothing aspect as is Wills’ Sun and Moon sextiling Louis’ Sun.

His Sun is also trined by Wills’ ASC. All of these are markers of an easygoing affection, energy, and understanding between them.

Prince Louis and Prince George

How will the boys fare, you ask? Overall, it looks like they’ll be great pals with just a tinge of rivalry.

Prince George and his royal baby brother may generally take different approaches in life, signaled by their Suns squaring and George’s Moon squaring the new Prince’s Sun. They have different aims, and that is alright.

I think they will support each other generously, however, and favorable aspects between their Suns and Venuses—and George’s Moon and Louis’ Venus—support my theory.

The only thing to watch out for is Prince George’s out of bound Mars, but that’s really in general, not just having to do with his royal siblings. (I’m an out-of-bounder when it comes to Mars, too, so I’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing!)

Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

The new Prince and his big sister, on the other hand, will most likely view life in similar terms.

They are both Taurus Suns with Cancer rising, and both their Mars (Marses??) are trine.

Louis’ Venus is conjunct her Mercury and Mars, and his Moon is trine her Saturn. All of this goes a long way towards compatibility of personality and temperament.

One other thing to note: Charlotte has her Venus in Gemini (12th house) wildly out of bounds.

I may have to give her and her brother, George, their own profiles in order to work out what these out of bounds planets could mean for them and the Royal family.

The Royal Family

Like I mentioned previously, Princess Charlotte and the new royal baby Prince of Cambridge both have Taurus Suns and Cancer rising.

Prince George, meanwhile, is a Cancer Sun (among other planets), while both of the Cambridge parents have their Moons and North Nodes in Cancer. Wills is also a Cancer Sun.

You might be thinking, that’s a heck of a lot of Cancer for one family! And it is. But astrological signatures like this are not uncommon in family groups.

Quite a Lot of Cancer

So in case you’re curious, here is a brief listing of all the Cancerian elements in the recent Royal family.

The Queen, Liz II: Pluto & North Node in Cancer, 7th house

Prince Philip, Queen’s Consort: Mercury & Pluto in Cancer, unknown house due to incomplete birth data

Prince Charles: Cancer is the 12th house, but no planetary placements

Diana, the People’s Princess: Sun & Mercury in Cancer, 8th house

Prince Harry: Cancer in the 7th house like the Queen’s, but no planetary placements

Soon-to-be Princess Meghan Markle: Cancer rising and Mars in Cancer, 1st house

William, Duke of Cambridge: Sun, Moon, and North Node in Cancer, 8th house, echoing his mum’s chart

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: Moon and North Node in Cancer, 12th house

Prince George of Cambridge: Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in Cancer, 9th house

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge: Cancer rising, 1st house

New Baby Prince Louis of Cambridge: Cancer rising, 1st house

Stay tuned as I continue my fascination (obsession?) with all-things-royal and work on similar delineations for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Further Resources

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