A Pic of Me!

Hi, my name is Kal! I have been fascinated by the stars and their influence on our lives since I was a kid. Nerdy by nature, and with a Plutonian penchant for some light obsessing, I read every astrology book I could get my hands on. I even had one of the earliest astrology programs loaded onto our family’s Commodore 64…

Today I practice a combined approach of Hellenistic techniques with some modern astrological touches. (For example, I use traditional rulerships for the signs and incorporate the outer planets in other ways.) I enjoy electional and mundane astrology, and one of my particular interests is the astrology of the British royal family.

What do I do when I’m not astro-obsessing? I play with my new puppy, try to calm my two cats down about the new puppy, listen to a $#*t-ton of podcasts, read, play board games and RPGs, and watch Doctor Who.