Top 5 Gifts for Cancer

Top 5 Gifts for Cancer

Do you have a Cancer you need to shop for? Check out these perfect gifts for the Crab in your life. (Folks with Cancer moon or Cancer rising will probably like them, too!)

Top 5 Gifts for the Cancer in Your Life

1.Bread Illustrated: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Bakery-Quality Results at Home– Cancer is a very nurturing sign, and what’s more nourishing than home-baked bread? This comprehensive and beautifully-photographed book is by America’s Test Kitchen, one of my absolute favorite tv cooking shows. They always do a great job of explaining the process and bringing in nifty background details of whatever they’re making.

2. A Hand-Braided Freshwater Pearl Bracelet– A stunning reminder of the sea that so draws Cancer in. (Cancer is a water sign.)

3. Cozy Wool Socks– I know socks don’t seem like a very… creative gift, but I bet you Cancer won’t groan when they get these! High-quality wool, a traditional but festive pattern—I know a bunch of Cancerians who love being cozy in quirky socks. A few of them even have a collection.

4. Hitchcock 5 Film Blu-Ray Collection– Speaking of collections, Cancerians generally like collecting in various categories: salt and pepper shakers, miniature bells, sand dollars. You get the picture. Why not gift them this set of great black & white pictures from Alfred Hitchcock? Cancer appreciates the classics. (Also available in DVD.)

5. The White Duck art print– This gorgeous piece is sure to soothe and delight your Crabby friend. Not only is there a full moon in the sky (the sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon), but the abundance of wavy blues and the little boat are spot on for this briny water sign.

Top 5 Gifts for Cancer
The White Duck by Judith Clay

What are some of your favorite gifts for Cancer? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for some roaring recommendations for the Lion, Leo!

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