Top 5 Gifts for Gemini

Do you have Twins you need to shop for? Check out these perfect gifts for the Gemini in your life. (Folks with Gemini moon or Gemini rising will probably like them, too–take it from this Gemini moon!)

Top 5 Gifts for the Gemini in Your Life

1.Quick Wits Party Game– The Twins inevitably are the life of the party, what with all that random trivia knowledge and snarky sense of humor. They’re also pretty fast-talkin’ and thinkin’ so this game should be right up their alley! Don’t say I didn’t warn you if they end up winning most rounds.

2. A Tactical Self-Defense Pen– This sweet writing instrument does quadruple duty: it writes, it’s an LED flashlight, it breaks glass in case you’re stuck in a car heading to the bottom of a lake, AND it cracks skulls! May seem a bit on the practical side for your favorite Gemini, but trust me, they love to communicate while also pretending to be a spy. And preparing for future disaster.

3. Vinyl Record Earrings– Geminis love to keep up with fashion and pop culture trends, but generally go for things that are unique and slightly offbeat for themselves. Handmade, too? Even better.

4. A Cute Retro Portable Radio– For all those spontaneous picnics and short jaunts to the beach or lake. Comes with an aux input so you can play that amazing MP3 collection on your phone with style.

5. A 70’s-ish Pop Art Print – The colors are so fun! Who doesn’t love ice cream and psychedelic 70’s art?? Also available as a mug and cute pillow.

Top 5 Gifts for Gemini
Gemini by Pilgrim Hodgson

What are some of your favorite gifts for Gemini? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for some recommendations for the Crab, Cancer!

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Gifts for the Gemini

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