The New Mighty Dead? Loss Transformed into Power

There is a new moon rising, and I feel called. I have yet to look at the chart for this moon, but here is what I’m feeling.

The Year 2016 and Death

For the past week or so, I’ve been contemplating the year 2016. On both a universal and a personal level numerologically, it is a year of endings: 2+0+1+6= 9. Nine is the end of a cycle, before we begin anew with the number one. And 2016 certainly seems like it’s had its fair share of endings, hasn’t it? Too many greats—artists, musicians, and other beloved public figures—have passed away from this side to the next in an apparent wave of mass migration. Not to mention the seeming end of civility and critical thought in our national political discourse.

In every year, there are unfortunate deaths, shocking deaths, expected deaths, and tragic deaths. Yet 2016 does seem to stand apart. Why this tsunami of loss now?

A possibility came to me a few days ago. What if these deaths are connected to the extreme upheavals going on in society currently?

The Mighty Dead

In traditional witchcraft (at least, in the coven and line I studied under), there are those who are called the Mighty Dead. Not only ancestors or the recently departed, these are witches and other Pagan practitioners who have pledged to continue aiding their fellow witches from beyond the Veil. Many were founders of or prominent in a particular tradition, such as Doreen Valiente or Victor and Cora Anderson.

For more on this, check out Jason Mankey’s brief exploration in his blog post, In Search of the Mighty Dead.

The New Mighty Dead – Creatives and Celebrities

Even though this is a concept specific to witchcraft traditions, what if there is a new troupe forming of actors, musicians, writers, sports figures, and other prominent individuals? A secular circle of Mighty Dead whose souls have decided they can assist in a much more powerful way from the other side?

I have no wish to include those who would be uncomfortable with this designation, as Jason also mentions in his post above. Those who fall under the overarching spiritual/religious umbrella of Paganism, myself included, generally do not proselytize. In my view, when the student is ready, the teacher (or teaching) will come.

Loss Transformed Into Power

But I also don’t want to ignore the possibility that we may soon be receiving some unexpected, collective help in these trying times. Many, many people I know and don’t know are concerned about the future of our country or scared for their personal safety and are worried for their loved ones.

Bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, and a coldness toward the suffering of others across this Earth seems amplified right now. Is this growing, or is it just bolder and less hidden? I don’t know the answer to that. But I certainly will be open to and begin investigating astrologically the possibility of a newly formed (newly reinvigorated?) group of souls who are ducking out of this material plane in order to help keep us from destroying it.

Further Resources

Penczak, Christopher. The Mighty Dead.

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Mighty Dead

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