Top 5 Gifts for Scorpio

Do you have a Scorpion you need to shop for? Check out these perfect gifts for the Scorpio in your life. (Folks with Scorpio moon or Scorpio rising will probably like them, too!)

Top 5 Gifts for the Scorpio in Your Life

1.The Zombie Tarot– I may be biased—I have Sun/Mars trine AND Moon/Pluto trine—but this is pretty much the coolest Tarot deck I’ve ever seen. And I normally could not really give a $h!t about zombies. It’s like if Mad Men had a baby with your favorite Murderino.

2. Handmade Ziegfeld Follies Pinup Earrings– Sexuality is a thing to be celebrated, and Scorpions are great at this. I can totally see one of my many Scorp-influenced friends wearing these amazing earrings.

3. In The Mood Lipstick Vibrator– Speaking of sex, what could be more apropos than aiding your Scorp biffy in building up their artillery of sensual delights? Toys in Babeland is a feminist, lesbian-owned company that I highly recommend you throw some dollars at, or go visit their stores in Seattle or NYC!Gifts for the Scorpio

4. Scorpio Cigarette Case/Business Card or ID Holder– Halloween is Scorpio season. Not surprisingly, many Scorpions feel a kinship with this shadowy holiday and all its spooky accoutrements.

5. Captivate Art Print– I seriously just stumbled upon this Scorpio-est of Scorpio art on Society6. Brutally beautiful, slightly dangerous, and 100% bewitching, just like your favorite Scorpio.

Gifts for the Scorpio
Captivate by Brianna Auguste Art

What are some of your favorite gifts for Scorpio? Let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for some recommendations for the Archer, Sagittarius!

This page contains affiliate links to books and products I highly recommend or to some gol’dang fantastic art I also recommend. I receive a small commission for purchases made through the links in this blog post, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Thank you for your support. —Kal

Gifts for the Scorpio

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