Music For Pisceans

I don’t know about you, but I always feel like Pisceans get dumped on a lot. The addict, the victim, the martyr—hell I’ve even seen Pisces called the garbage dump of the zodiac!

Pisces Stereotypes

Is this fair? I venture not. Of course, I’m possibly biased as I am a Pisces sun. I also happen to have Neptune in my 1st house. I love mermaids, unicorns, fairy tales, old Hollywood glamour, faery glamour, all things metaphysical, and being in or near the water. When I go out, I don’t mind a nice whiskey or gin cocktail or two.

But from now on, I’m fighting back against all the foul words and assumptions slung around about my sign. I’ve decided to highlight the very best of Pisces and her (modern) ruling planet, Neptune. (Jupiter’s her traditional ruler, but he’s always been known as the Greater Benefic so no PR problem there. Rather the opposite sometimes—folks tend to forget his not-so-great qualities.)

Music for Pisceans

The first phalanx in my plan of attack is to highlight some gorgeous music for Pisces. Venus and Neptune share rulership of music, in my mind, but Neptune-influenced tunes are more spiritual, more meditative usually, and sometimes a bit exotic.

I’ve started a new playlist called “Music for Pisceans” on the Astrology Diaries YouTube channel. I’ll be updating it with gorgeous Neptunian creations at least once a week (maybe more if I fall down the musical rabbit hole). I’d love it if you’d subscribe or at least take a listen—all Sun signs welcome! :-)

First up is Neptune’s Storm by ukulele virtuosa, Taimane Gardner. When I first heard this song, I was captivated by its moody intricacy. And the video is like a walking ad for Neptune-ity or Piscean-ess! There’s water and more water, delicate, flowing garments, a water nymph-like character, a girl sleeping and dreaming, closeups of feet (Pisces rules the foot), and even a tattoo of the astrological glyph for Neptune at the end. Enjoy.

PS No, Taimane is not a Pisces; she’s an Aquarian (if her IMDB info is accurate). However, her North Node is in Pisces conjunct her Pallas Athene in the 11th house of hopes and dreams. Maybe I’ll do a brief summary of her chart next… ? Let me know in the comments if you’re interested.

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