The Astrology of Galentine’s Day 2018

That magical time of year is here again— Galentine’s Day!

Galentine’s Day is celebrated February 13th everywhere best friends, brunch, cocktails, and waffles can be had. If you’re somehow not familiar, please do enjoy the following clip from Parks and Rec with national monument, dame Leslie Knope:

Astrology & Galentine’s Day

With this important holiday just hours away, you may be wondering, “What’s in the stars this Galentine’s Day? Why can I only find predictions about Valentine’s Day?? Ugh.” I am here to help. <3

This year’s theme for Galentine’s Day is unconditional love, with some glitz thrown in for fun. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury will all be in the sign of the humanitarian, Aquarius, while Venus is exalted (meaning it’s one of her best looks) in sensitive, boundary dissolving Pisces.

Venus in Pisces

Venus is the planet, of course, which represents women and femmes, beauty and aesthetics, money, romance, and affection. Pisces is the sign of mysticism, dreams, the unconscious self, the Collective Consciousness, photography and film, dance, and unconditional love and care-taking.

Ideas for Galentine’s Day

Taking all that together, I could envision a few different ways to spend Galentine’s this year with your tribe.

  • If having brunch is in the cards, how about literally reading your cards? Bring a set of Tarot or oracle cards and let everyone get some practice.
  • Feel like spreading joy or giving back? How about making some Valentine’s Day cards (or just sweetly signing a bunch of store-bought ones) and delivering them to a retirement home or hospital?
  • If you’d like to create an environment where your lady friends can feel relaxed yet pampered, how about getting pedis together or having an at-home makeover session? Go for glittery, fairy tale looks or even dramatic Goddess-like palettes.
  • Of course, dancing the night away is always an option. Good music, good people.

Mercury in Aquarius

Stir in the flavor of Aquarius and Mercury, which both add a kind of airy, intellectual vibe with a feel for the futuristic, and you’ve got a very unique Galentine’s Day concoction indeed!

  • Film your own version of Galentine’s Day but from the year 2525. Everyone gets a different “alien” look!

What are your plans for Galentine’s Day? Did I magically predict what you already had planned to do? Am I way off? Let me know in the comments.

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Galentine's Day

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