The Astrology of Library Folk

Because I’m a big dork, throughout the years I’ve compiled charts and lists of people I know and their astrological signs. It struck me a few years ago, in library grad school, that librarians- my occupation by day- are a fairly unique group of people. We are readers, of course, but we are also activists, scholars, storytellers, tech gurus, marketing folk, linguists, lawyers, and so much more.

Which Signs Dominate the Library?

So I decided to analyse the very basics of librarian astrology- Sun signs- using a small sample of 30 people, i.e. my library school cohort. They ranged in age from 20-somethings to… 40-somethings?? I think. I did not ask for people’s ages haha. They also varied in their career journeys, as some were going to grad school immediately after completing a bachelor’s; others were either mid-career already or career switchers from a totally different field. Note: There are three missing of the thirty because I do not know their birth dates.


Gemini: 6

Aquarius: 4

Libra: 3

Scorpio: 3

Taurus: 2

Cancer: 2

Virgo: 2

Pisces: 2

Aries: 1

Sagittarius: 1

Capricorn: 1

Leo: 0

The Airy Library

Not surprisingly, the air signs have it! with 13 of the 30 peeps being either Geminis, Librans, or Aquarians. Remember that the air element rules the intellect and mind so this makes astrological sense.

  • At least 6 are Geminian. This is the sign of information, books, reading, and writing. Geminis are also known to have WAY too many interests for their own good; librarianship is a profession where it’s good to know at least a little (if not more) about a whole lot of different areas.   *20% of the group*

The next largest groupings after Gemini are Aquarius with four people, and Libra and Scorpio, each with three.

  • Aquarians, we all know, are very focused on serving humanity and making a difference in their communities. This definitely fits in with the mission of libraries. Plus, it’d be interesting to see if the Aquarian Librarian–hey, great name for a new blog! Go ahead, steal it, if it’s not taken already–if the A.L. tended to be very much into the tech side of librarianship. Ruled by Uranus in modern astrology, Aquarius is the sign of the future, of innovation, and eccentric genius.   *13% of the group*
  • Libra’s the sign concerned with relationships of all kinds, as well as aesthetics, equality, and justice. They tend to be interested in the arts and humanities, although these are no technophobes, either. Overall, Librans crave balance and strive to be well-rounded and well-liked individuals. I could definitely see Libranarians reigning in the public services or children’s/school library sector, or maybe as subject specialists in one of the aforementioned areas.  *approximately 10% of the group*
  • Scorpio, ruled by Pluto in modern astrology and Mars in traditional astrology, is the sign of intensive–some would say obsessive–research and study. They also make good spies and detectives. Sound like any librarians you know?   *10% of the group*

I’m betting there would be even more air influences if I knew everyone’s rising and moon signs. This could serve to strengthen the representation of air signs even further, or alternately, could fill in a few blanks.

Probably the sign on the cusp of the Midheaven would make a difference as well, what with the Midheaven, or 10th house, ruling career choices. (I myself am a Pisces but have Mercury ruling both my moon sign and Midheaven. And my seventh house of marriage and relationships. Hmm, does this mean I’m destined to marry another librarian?)

The Library’s Least Likely

The signs with the least representation amongst my fellow library grad students:

  • Leo= zip. Nada. Negatory. What, are we not glamorous enough for you perfectly-coiffed Lions?
  • Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn= only 1 per sign.
  • Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces= 2 per sign.

I’m actually surprised about Cancer, as I’d think there’d be a ton of school and children’s librarians, and possibly administrators, with this sign.

Also surprised over Virgo– hello, cataloguers!– and a bit by the lack of Sag’s, since this is the sign that rules higher education in general. Fittingly, our one Archer was on the path of academic subject specialization in a non-Western cultural area study and now works in that area. Yeah, I guess you can’t really keep them behind a desk for too long, can you?

Cappies also generally make good administrators, and Aries are leaders for sure, no matter what area they’re in. It’s so interesting to see how professions tend to be “ruled” by certain types…and surprising when it’s not the ones you’d guess!

So what about you? Have you noticed any distinct patterns in the sun signs of people in your profession? Do all Pisces (except me) really become dancers, counselors, druggies, artists, or musicians?

Further Resources

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